27 Nov

Fake 80 Hour Work Week

Many workers are faking 80 hours work weeks in the USA suggests a research study.

The work culture of America is going through a strange period at this time.

The variety in the work ethics of the companies has made the case interesting. These firms, as they set up their rules individually, keep no universal way to call one job rightfully executed. Some companies are stressing on the work hours while others have allowed to divide and finish up their job at anywhere, anyhow, within time. Now a recent study says that many of those highly speaking, motivated workers might not tell the truth about their working span. They might fake it!

How do we know!

The pioneer of the investigation in this regard is Erin Reid, professor of Boston University’s Questrom school of Business.

She has conducted one professional research regarding the work culture of Americans in an anonymous American firm. The surprising result that she came up with is the main source of knowledge here. She was provided with the access to the personal and professional details. She also track the Human Resources files and interviewed the workers. Finally, she came up with the fascinating findings of the experiment.

What has been known?

Under the study, it has been found that many companies like to give more importance to the work accomplished. This scenario tends to divide the workers into three groups.

The first group are amongst the top performers. They pull their socks up and just do the job by giving it the more preference than anything. The second group surrender in the first place and go for a less flexible work hours with less travelling. The third group is the topic of conversation as they like to create a false impression of their super activity and enjoy the much less work pressure.

Why do they do it?

The trend of faking 80 hours workweeks is not some job of a misguided idealist, but its roots are deep down. Some of the main reasons can be considered in his context are

The main reason obviously would be the mentality of the higher authorities. The appreciation and advantages one get in keeping an 80-hour streak is valuable to the workers.
There are some companies available in the market whose high command give more importance to the time ranges rather than the quality and quantity of work. If one can’t make it in a real way, they opt to go for the abstract way.
The fear of degradation, bad performance review and not getting promotion and remuneration up-to the mark have pushed the workers unable to pull it in reality, for hey take the liberty of false commands.
Why don’t the companies take the advantages nowadays? The fear has been belittled.
How do they do it?

There are some real workers and slow learners in the part of their lessons. Those people just find and keep a distance from them. The other people however eventually welcome them in the vicinity.

Some of those people need to attend a job or work in an interview. Though they have the answer, sometimes use it to be more effective.

The important part is obviously taking the locality close for scrutiny. Then you need to find a group of similar minded people to cover up for one other and enjoy flexible work hours as a whole.


The point that one is getting enough appreciation without doing that amount of job is tricky. At one hand it indicates how you have to lie to the company by managing 50-60 hours at most each week; on another hand they excel at the job what they i.e. they usually deliver the targets and more.

Because most of the company will demote the personnel of less working hours despite being fruitful, the stand of the fake workers seems more pointed. They (who fake 80 hours) get all the appreciation and promotion and all as normal people who are workaholic.

This comparison might seem unfair but for the people not able to perform at an extreme level, this method provide with an opportunity. The importance of his point can’t be ignored.

It can be concluded finally that, the working structure in USA needs a reformation. The mindset of the directors and heads should be changed so that they can appreciate not the work hour, but the substances in it. If one can both be happy in work and personal lives, it is very usual to get the maximum benefit out of him or her. Hence, the structure should be changed, and this tendency shows us the main concept to take into consideration here.Fa…