18 Oct

First Look at Sapphire RX470 8GB Mining Edition Cards

I finally got my hands on Sapphire RX470 8GB Mining Edition Cards.

Let’s get straight to the point of gpu mining.

what’s the hashrate it can give on stock and when modded

How it looks?

It looks like a normal gpu just like nvidia mining card but with no port. and sapphire nitro rx470 mining edition is equipped with dual fan and as far as i know they provide 1 year warranty opposed to 3 months warranty for P106 Nvidia Mining Cards.

So let’s get started building. here are the parts I used for building.

GPU : 4 x Sapphire RX470 8GB Mining Edition Cards

MOBO: Gigabyte H110-D3A Motherboard

CPU : G4400

SSD: WD Green 120GB

RAM: Adata DDR4 4GB Ram

PSU: Corsair HX1000 Platinum

Rack and Riser V007S

Installing OS and Getting the 4 GPU to be detected in the Gigabyte H110-D3A Motherboard was a breeze (just enabled 4g decoding while mining mode is disabled)

This is the GPU-Z for the Sapphire RX470 8GB Mining Edition Card.

with release date of August 4, 2016 I thought to myself this could be defective refurbished card which can’t be used for gaming anymore and that’s why they made this for mining edition card by removing the VGA/HDMI/DP Ports, but i could be wrong.

All 4 Cards I tested was equipped with Hynix Memory and on stock settings it only ran at 21mh/s (GPU Driver used that time was Crimson Relive 17.7.1) for ethereum mining. (disappointed)

Then i found out that there is an rx driver that has fix for the dag difficulty of ethereum although it’s unofficial version. I gave it a try.

One thing to note, when installing this driver from device manager, you will see asterisk beside your GPU name (!) and it needs to be fix. applying atikmdag-patcher solved this problem for me.

after installing the new beta driver i tested the hashrate of this mining edition card and i got roughly around 2mh/s increase per card.

and for the last method, hoping to bring the hashrate to at least 27-28mh/s by bios modding this card at 1500 straps, I’ve used atiflash and polaris bios editor to make this happen. but to my dismay everytime the memory goes above 1840 it crashes and wont go above 1800 for stable mining. then i keep getting incorrect shares for the cards when it reached around 26mh/s

25.3-25.5 was the best hash i could get from each card by adding -dcri 5 in the claymore bat config file. (single mining eth)

if you’re interested in downloading the modded file, i have attached in this post and feel free to share your hashrate of this card in the comment section and let’s try to improve this card’s hashrate by sharing the best setting for this.


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